Priavcy Policy

We at Kaissal value our users and respect them for the trust they place in us. We also honour their rights to privacy and maintain the highest possible standards in safeguarding and protecting those rights in cases of fraud, misuse and/or wilful misappropriation of any personally identifiable information they share with us.

If you are one of those valued users, we want you to know that you are extremely valuable to us. And to provide you with a smooth, more personalised and efficient web-browsing experience we might use some computer programs known as cookies that are supposed to store some of your basic user information like your browsing history, your next browsing destination and your IP address. Most of these cookies are temporary programs placed on your hard drive and are session-based, meaning they would be deleted automatically the moment you log out of or close our website. We might use these cookies on certain pages of our website, and we would ask for your permission to use them on your hard drive only when you decide to browse those pages. You may opt not to accept the use of cookies, however, you won’t be able to use certain customised features meant for you on our website in that case.

We also want you to know that to unlock certain benefits, rewards, offers and features meant only for our exclusive users, you might be required to share some of your personally identifiable information like your name, phone number, email-id and your debit/credit card details with us. The information thus shared might be used for internal data analysis, user-behaviour research analysis, measuring the effectiveness of our sales & marketing-related promotional activities, resolving purchase and payment-related disputes, building a better system for smoother checkouts in future and trouble-shooting any problem that might arise while providing you a customised user experience.

ButKaissal gives prime importance to the security and protection of your personal information and we do everything possible within our rights to safeguard and protect your personally identifiable information against any misuse, modification, unauthorised access and disclosure. We assure you that all such information collected is carefully deleted from our system after a certain point in time.

However, we would also like you to know that we are bound by law to disclose your personal information to certain Government Investigative agencies in good faith if it is brought to our notice that a fraud, misappropriation, or illegal activity has been committed or there is a threat to national security and there is strong reason to believe that the sharing of such information might lead to solving the crisis.

Apart from the above, your personal information might be shared with any third party by us if we chose to employ any branding/marketing agency or any technology-based company with a new web feature that promises to enhance your customer user experience. However, we assure you that all such third-party companies would be made to sign a specially-designed confidentiality agreement before we proceed with sharing information with them.

Also, you need to know as a user that Kaissal is a corporate company that may merge with or be taken over by any other company in the future to meet its long-term business objectives. And in such a case, your personal information might be shared with them as both companies would be a joint entity in the eyes of law.