Terms & Conditions

Kaissal is a renowned personal Care production company in India incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013. with its registered office at Turquso  Glam LLP, Plot no. 13, industrail area  phase-1 ,India . It has a registered domain name http://kaissal.com/, which hereinafter would be referred to as a website.

For ease of understanding, this Terms and Conditions would refer to the user as “you,” “client,” “user,” and “yourself” from time to time as applicable. Similarly, it would use the terms, “us,” “we,” “our” and “ours” to indicateKaissal.

When Kaissal provides any service to any of its users or customers, it would be according to the particulars mentioned in this Terms and Conditions. And when the user uses any of its services pertaining to this website, it would be, henceforth, subject to the policies, rules and guidelines of this Terms and Conditions. Simply accessing, browsing through or performing transactional activities through this website would indicate that the user accepts the Terms and Conditions, the summary of which is mentioned below,

1. Changes to the Terms and Conditions
The right to unilaterally make changes to the Terms and Conditions lies exclusively with us, and we may do so at our sole discretion whenever such a need arises without any notification. The same would come under force the moment it is uploaded on our website. As a user, you have to frequently check this page to ensure compliance.

2. Eligibility to use our website
You have to be of legally contractible age of 18 years minimum to use the services provided by our website.

3. Updation of the website and its content
We would update our website and its content from time to time as the need may be, and the offers or rewards displayed on it are also subject to change anytime at our sole discretion without any prior notice.

4. Rules related to Personal Information and use of our services
To avail of some of our services you might be required to sign up on our website with certain personally identifiable information and share with us your confidential banking details. You should pledge that such information provided by you belong to you to the best of your knowledge, and we assure you that all such information provided would not be used for any other purpose than that was intended by you. It would be assumed by us that if you are using our services on behalf of someone, you have been authorised by that person to do so. If you find at any point in time that your personal information have been leaked and your privacy has been compromised with, contact us immediately for appropriate action. You should not use this website for any illegal activities nor should you indulge in copying and using the content and intellectual property of this website including the logo, registration number, etc. for any other purpose. Any such attempt would invite strict action against you from our side.

5. User related content
If you engage in sending or uploading any written content, messages, photos, posters, banners or hoarding and the like to this website, you’d be solely responsible for such content, and you give us every right to use those content but only for the restricted purpose of providing you quality customer service. However, using such content and our website to perform illegal activities would be dealt with strictly and all such content could be deleted and your account terminated upon detection of such abuse.

6. Termination
This Terms and Conditions can be terminated anytime by either you or Kaissal. You accept that we may terminate your account anytime at our own discretion without any prior information and prevent you from accessing our website without showing you any reason whatsoever and we would not be liable to answer either you or any third party for such action.

7. Intellectual Property Rights
The logo, images, videos, writings, software or any form of the content present on this website are our property or of any affiliate with whom we have entered into a legally valid contract. All of these are protected by laws in India and International Copyright related laws. Therefore, copying, uploading, reproducing and republishing any of these in any form would invite strong legal action against you from us.

8. License to use the website
While allowing you to access part of the website, we give you the right to use the website for a limited and specified purpose. You agree not to use the website for any unspecified personal use or modify it in any form for business gains. The limited access provided to you doesn’t allow you to make any commercial use of the website either in the form of reselling its content or using any data-mining software to extract information from this website. Any such attempt would result in the stoppage of your access to the website and invite legal action for violating copyright-related laws.

9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
This Terms and Conditions is prepared according to and governed by the laws of India, and you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in India, in case there is any legal dispute.