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Roll-on Facewash (Teatree) - Salicylic Acid & Tea Tree oil - 60ml

Roll-on Facewash (Teatree) - Salicylic Acid & Tea Tree oil - 60ml







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Fight acne and achieve clearer skin with our invigorating Tea Tree Roll-on Face Wash! Our Tea Tree face wash blends nature's fighters: antibacterial Tea Tree oil, pore-purifying Salicylic Acid, and soothing Neem & Aloe Vera. Formulated with a potent blend of next-gen natural ingredients and innovative technology, our roll-on facewash is designed to effectively tackle blemishes, diminish excess oil, and rejuvenate your skin, leaving it clarified and purified.

  • Combat existing blemishes, fostering a clearer, smoother skin texture.
  • Proactively prevent new breakouts, ensuring prolonged clarity.
  • Tough on acne, yet gentle for daily application.
  • Soothe and minimize redness for a calm complexion.
  • Hydrate skin while fighting acne, preventing dryness.

Product Weight - 60g

Length cm - 12

Breadth cm - 4

Height cm - 12 



Tea Tree oil, Salicylic Acid, Glycerin,  Neem & Aloe Vera.

1. Roll-on tea tree face wash delivers a mess-free application directly to blemishes.
2. Tea tree oil's power tackles acne-causing bacteria, leaving you with clearer skin.
1. Unclogs Pores
2. Improves Blood Circulation
3. Non-comedogenic
1. Remove the lid, tilt your head upwards, and roll the applicator over your face in circular motions.
2. Massage and remove the face wash with lukewarm water and pat dry.
Q1. How do I use the roll-on?
Ans: Remove the lid, tilt your head upwards, and roll the applicator over your face in circular motions. Avoid direct contact with eyes and avoid over-applying.
Q2. Is this roll-on harsh on my skin?
Ans: No, tea tree oil can be drying, but our formula is balanced with soothing ingredients to keep your skin feeling comfortable.
Q3. Can I use this roll-on with other acne treatments?
Ans: Talk to your doctor before combining this product with other medications. It's generally safe with gentle cleansers and moisturizers, but avoid harsh ingredients that can irritate.
Q4. Is this roll-on effective for all types of acne?
Ans: Tea tree oil is most effective for mild to moderate acne. For severe acne, consult a dermatologist.
Q5. How often can I use the roll-on?
Ans: Start with using it once or twice a day. You can gradually increase to up to 3 times a day if needed, but monitor for any irritation.
Q6. What happens if the roll-on gets in my eyes?
Ans: Tea tree oil can irritate the eyes. If contact occurs, flush thoroughly with clean water for several minutes. Seek medical attention if irritation persists.