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Kaissal Keratin Conditioner: Infused with Coconut Milk & Almond Oil for Smooth Hair - 250gm

Kaissal Keratin Conditioner: Infused with Coconut Milk & Almond Oil for Smooth Hair - 250gm







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Do you want to give your hair a much-needed boost of vitality and shine? Our Keratin Conditioner is the answer. Packed with the goodness of natural ingredients such as Vitamin-E, Pro Vitamin B-5, Fenugreek, Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Milk, it strengthens and conditions your hair, while also working to repair split ends and frizziness. What's more, our formula is enriched with a unique keratin protein blend that not only reduces DHT content but also restores lost nourishment and shine to your hair. Transform your hair from drab to fab with our Keratin Conditioner and enjoy luscious locks that radiate health and beauty!

● Helps to repair and prevent split ends, frizziness and breakage
● Restores lost shine and nourishment to dull and damaged hair
● Contains keratin protein that helps to improve hair texture and elasticity
● Safe for use on all hair types, including color-treated hair
● Provides long-lasting moisture and hydration to hair
● Free from harsh chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, and phthalates

Product Weight - 266g
Length cm - 185
Breadth cm - 60
Height cm - 38

Vitamin-E, Pro Vitamin B-5, Fenugreek, Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Milk

1. Coconut milk and almond oil strengthen and condition hair
2. It also helps rid split ends and frizziness
3. new and effective Keratin protein helps reduce DHT content
4. Helps add lost hair shine and noursihment, natural and nourishing
Get rid off split ends
Bring lost shine in hair
Keratin protein for nourishment of hair
Ends frizziness
1. After shampoo, apply coin size amount to wet hair.
Q1. How do I use the product whether before bath or after bath?
Ans. Apply after washing hair with shampoo
Q2. Can this conditioner be used for curly hairs?
Ans. Yes, any type of hair
Q3. Is this a leave in conditioner or do you have to wash it after usin? wash
Ans. It’s a conditioner. It’s clearly mentioned on the bottle and under Directions. You wash it off after 2 minutes. It’s a good condition
Q4. Is it helpful for hair fall ?
Ans. Yes
Q5. Is it paraben & Sulphate free?
Ans. Yes
Q6. i am using another shampoo when I use it it will not harm my hair?
.No harm to hair
Q7. Is it oily conditioner or liquid?
Ans. Liquid
Q8. How to use this?
Ans. Instruction are given on bottle
Q9. Can I use it for hair fall and freeze hair?
Ans. Yes
Q10. Can I use this conditioner with other shampoo?
Ans. Yes